What Ian Does

Semi-retired portfolio worker.

Ian is a medically retired Senoir Broadcast Journalist and clinical practtioner who's enjoyed a varied portoflio of expertise.

Ian has a well equipped music technology and AV suite.

Ian is in a happy relationship and his celebrity parner is stunning singer/songwwrtier Frances!

Ian's qualifications:

  • PhD Social Sciences(OU/LCFT)
  • BA (Hons) 2.1 (BJTC) Journalism
  • CENTRA Media Studies
  • A Levels Music, Physics & Maths
  • 8 As at GCSE
  • LMFC Music and Technology course
  • ABRSM Grade VI distinction Music Theory
  • BCS Level 2 & ECDL IT/computing

Meet Ian

Ian Birch

Hi. I’m Ian Birch.
I live in in North West England.

My home overlooks rolling hills and the Leeds and Liverpool canal. There is a photo album of one village along the canal at the bottom of this page - a 2003 project.

I have wide musical tastes from early music to the occasional chart topper. I toured abroad with orchestras & choirs in my youth & appeared on C4 TV, BBC Radio 4 & Radio France performing music.

I have a gorgeous 10 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, an iMac, iPad and iPhone and Macbook! :)

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